Dhiraagu Offers FREE Fibre Connection with FREE Router

Dhiraagu has launched a special promotion offering FREE Fibre Broadband connection and a FREE router. Customers residing at premises where there is an existing fibre cable in the building will be able to get a complete free connection and a free route. Those customers who may be residing in a building where there is no fiber cable will receive a 50% discount for their connection fee. The promotion is valid until 31 August 2020

This is the perfect opportunity to join the largest and the fastest fibre network in the country without incurring any initial set up cost. At a time where almost every aspect of our lives is depending on high-speed internet connectivity, a reliable and secure network has become essential. With Dhiraagu Fibre Broadband, customers can choose from a great variety of packages and enjoy the biggest data allowances to enhance their digital experience.

Dhiraagu’s high-speed Fibre Broadband service is now available to 75% of national households making lives easier, smarter, and more rewarding. Dhiraagu provides an unparalleled experience to communities in 61 islands across the country making it by far the largest and fastest fibre network in the country.

Dhiraagu continues to play a pivotal role in enriching lives and accelerate the digital transformation journey of the customers.

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