Dhiraagu Partners with EPA on ‘Restore Rasfari’ Project

Dhiraagu has announced its collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the ‘Restore Rasfari’ project. This initiative is a direct response to the damage caused by a ship grounding incident at Rasfari, a critical site within the Rasfari Marine Protected Area known for its rich biodiversity.

The ‘Restore Rasfari’ project, spearheaded by the EPA, aims to rehabilitate the affected reef over a period of five years. The project’s primary activities include coral propagation and direct transplantation at the damaged site. Dhiraagu’s involvement in the project includes providing logistical support, notably by supplying diving kits to the EPA’s restoration teams. In addition, volunteers from Dhiraagu have actively participated in the recent underwater restoration efforts.

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The restoration of the Rasfari Reef holds significant importance due to its role in conserving a diverse range of marine species. This initiative reflects a broader commitment to preserving the marine ecosystem, which is essential for the environmental health of the region.

Ibrahim Naeem, the Director General of EPA, emphasised the importance of stakeholder involvement in the success of such environmental projects. He acknowledged Dhiraagu’s efforts in protecting Rasfari Island and expressed optimism about the partnership.

Echoing similar sentiments, Mohamed Mirshan Hassan, Dhiraagu’s Director of Brand and Marketing Communications, highlighted the company’s dedication to environmental conservation. He stated that this partnership aligns with Dhiraagu’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, which focuses on caring for the oceans and preserving the environment.

The ‘Restore Rasfari’ project marks a significant step towards environmental conservation, with the collaborative efforts of both Dhiraagu and the EPA setting a precedent for future initiatives aimed at protecting and preserving natural habitats.

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