Dhiraagu Pledges to Support Care Society’s Vocational Training Unit

Dhiraagu has pledged to support Care Society’s Vocational Training Unit (VTU) 2022 program to empower adolescents and youth with disabilities at Care Society yesterday.  

The programme trains students with art and craft, sewing and basic computer skills. Students with various disabilities including Down Syndrome and other disabilities are enrolled in this programme with the objective for students to learn basic vocational skills. 12 students had successfully completed last year’s programme and Care Society plans to continue the programme this year. Under the programme, classes are scheduled  for 2 hours, 4 days a week. 

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“Dhiraagu has always been a keen partner in achieving our goals to empower people with disabilities and  to build a society free from inequalities. We are delighted that Dhiraagu has agreed to continue its support to our programs offered at VTU. This continued support will help us to strengthen the programs and to  sustain the program. We really thank Dhiraagu for the continued partnership for our programs and we look  forward to strengthen this partnership to empower the most vulnerable group of people in the Maldives – people with disabilities,” stated Mr Ahmed Athif, Executive Director at Care Society. 

“We are delighted to pledge our support to Care Society’s Vocational Training Unit for 2022. The  programme especially empowers students to learn basic vocational skills and our heartfelt appreciation  goes out to Care Society for successfully conducting this much-needed programme. It has been a pleasure  to extend our support to Care Society and for this valuable initiative over the years towards a more inclusive  community” stated Ms. Athifa Ali, Director Corporate Services at Dhiraagu. 

Since the establishment of Vocational Training Unit in 2018, Dhiraagu has continued to support the VTU  Program by Care Society. These programs have taught various skills such as, sewing, craft and design for children with different disabilities.

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