Dhiraagu provides FREE 5GB mobile internet data for 30 days to all students and teachers

Dhiraagu is supporting students and teachers in collaboration with the Ministry of Education to facilitate remote education during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis by providing FREE 5GB mobile internet data for 30 days to all students and teachers on the Dhiraagu network.

As schools and universities are forced to close, all students and teachers are required to stay safely at home. Remote learning has become the only option to carry on education programs and Internet connectivity play’s a vital role for them to continue learning while staying at home.

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Hence, Dhiraagu is providing free data for students and teachers to enable them with access to education resources, virtual classrooms, and eLearning content. The FREE 5GB mobile internet data is provided to the owners
of the mobile numbers list provided by Ministry of Education. Students and teachers on any Dhiraagu Postpaid, Prepaid, Mamen, and any other mobile plans will be eligible for this offer.

Also to facilitate remote education from home in this critical time, Dhiraagu has provided a number of benefits to all its Home Fixed Broadband customers including Extra 30% data allowance, 10GB free internet data and 50% discount on Home Fixed Broadband Add-Ons.

Furthermore, they have rolled out several initiatives to support mobile remote working and enhance the mobile remote learning experience by awarding additional data and discounts to its Mobile Postpaid, Prepaid, and Mamen customers.

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