Dhiraagu Reminds all Customers to Enjoy the Internet Safely and Securely

On the occasion of Safer Internet Day, Dhiraagu has reminded all their customers to be vigilant all times while accessing content online. With more devices connected to the internet than ever before, it is important to ensure the online wellbeing of yourself and your family stated in an official release issued today by the company.

Internet and technology are increasingly becoming an essential part of our everyday lives. Especially with the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, we saw the positive role it plays in connecting the nation and empowering communities more than ever. Although, it has reinforced the importance of connectivity as a critical part of an operational society and everyday life, responsible and cautious use of internet is equally important.

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Especially, with children and adolescents having to spend time online more than usual in their daily lives from education to entertainment, it is extremely important to keep them aware on digital safety. Cyberbullying, access to harmful content, online sexual abuse and identity theft are among the most common risks we are facing today. Just as important it is for parents to encourage and empower kindness, good behaviour and cautiousness for children in their general lives, Dhiraagu has highlighted the importance of similar behavior for their online interactions. The company further highlighted that it is important to talk to children about online safety, come to mutual agreements within the family on screen-time, expectations and on setting boundaries.

Similarly, people of all ages are advised to be as attentive whilst sharing sensitive information online. As we become more reliant on our devices for shopping, banking and connecting to others, it opens us up to more risks against cyber thefts. Dhiraagu has advised to avoid sharing sensitive information on websites that does not seem authentic or on social media links that you feel are untrustworthy.

With the increasing number of social platforms and other online accounts, some of us tend to use the same passwords across all online platforms for convenience. We understand it can be a hassle to remember all your passwords, nonetheless, Dhiraagu urges to maintain unidentical strong passwords across all platforms.

Along with other leading telecom operators from around the world, Dhiraagu is a member of the GSMA Mobile Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse Content to block such content on the network. From our partnership with ARC to promote online safety among children to our collaboration with Maldives Girls Guide Association to help promote digital safety over the years, Dhiraagu continues to further focus on raising awareness on the safe use of internet.

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