Dhiraagu Renews Commitment to Gender Inclusivity in this Digital Era

Dhiraagu celebrated International Women’s Day 2023 with a renewed focus on gender inclusivity in a digital era. A special panel discussion was held on the day, 8th March 2023, together with the key decision-making leaders across industries.  

The ceremony was commemorated with a special keynote by Minister of Gender, Family and Social Services, Hon. Aishath Mohamed Didi where she highlighted the importance of gender inclusion and equality across both digital and non-digital spheres.  

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The panellists for the session were the Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology, Hon. Aminath  Shauna, CEO & Managing Director of Dhiraagu, Ismail Rasheed, Registrar of Companies, Mariyam Visam, Director Legal and Company Secretary of Dhiraagu, Uza. Hazrath Rasheed Hussain, Co-Founder of Women in Tech Maldives, Aiesha Adnan, and Executive Director of Islanders Education, Adhly Rasheed. The panel was moderated by Assistant Manager Public Relations at Dhiraagu, Jaishan Hameed.  

The panel discussed the gender gap in the digital space and challenges faced by women through the academic, economic, private sector and government perspectives and ways in which the situation can be improved and remedied. The panel further discussed how technology is not limited to technical roles anymore and how it has become a necessity in all aspects of our lives.  

Along with key high-level government and private sector invitees, the panel discussion had an audience of young people from higher secondary institutions and universities who will be shaping the next generation.  Hopeful commitments and messages were delivered by the panellists in how they are contributing to moulding the system to ensure gender inclusivity and leave no one behind.  

Earlier in the day, an update on the new Gender Action Plan for the company was communicated by Dhiraagu’s CEO and MD, Ismail Rasheed and Director Legal and Company Secretary, Uza. Hazrath Rasheed Hussain at a special staff gathering held at Dhiraagu Head Office. The company opened up new technical trainings for all female staff across the board. The main purpose of this initiative is to enhance the evolving technological knowledge and upskill staff to prepare them in this rapidly evolving tech world. Popular courses  available from Harvard, IBM and Google are available for staff where certifications and licences will be paid  by the company. 

The staff gathering was concluded by a special catering done by talented, home-based, women-led business vendors from the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Maldives. Empowering women and especially, women-owned home-based businesses and SMEs is a key focus area of Dhiraagu’s CSR strategy. 

Dhiraagu celebrates a culture of no gender discrimination and creates an inclusive culture where opportunities are available for growth and development.

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