Dhiraagu Signs as the Development Partner of the Table Tennis Association of Maldives

Dhiraagu has signed as the exclusive Development Partner of the Table Tennis Association of Maldives (TTAM).

TTAM is the responsible body for all table tennis-related activities and events organised and held in the Maldives. The organisation is an affiliate of the South Asian Table Tennis Federation and as such, has hosted international events such as the Commonwealth Youth Tour TT tournament and South Asian Junior Cadet Table Tennis Championship in the Maldives.

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Additionally, TTAM is also organising this year’s Inter-School Table Tennis Tournament, scheduled to be held from 12-20 June 2023 with participation from 14 schools.

“We are delighted to support the Table Tennis Association of Maldives as their Development Partner. We are extremely proud to see the prestigious awards and recognition brought to the Maldives by our talented players. We hope that the sport achieves great success in the coming years as well,” stated Mohamed Mirshan Hassan, Director, Brand and Marketing Communications at Dhiraagu.

“We would like to extend a warm thank you to Dhiraagu for their continuous support towards the development of table tennis and sports in the Maldives. We look forward to working with the company to bring more international events to the country and promote table tennis players across the nation,” stated Ibrahim Shiury, Vice President of TTAM.

Dhiraagu remains committed to supporting the development of various sports and community engagement events across the Maldives.

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