Dhiraagu Signs as the Digital Partner for National HR Convention & Expo 2022

Dhiraagu has signed as the Digital Partner for the National HR Convention & Expo 2022 to be held  from 21 to 22 May 2022.  

The National HR Convention & Expo is the largest gathering of Nation’s top HR professionals, speakers, and experts to discuss the latest HR trends, best practices and benchmarking Ideas. This year’s main theme is ‘Transformation and Culture – Future of Human Capital.’ 

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“We are delighted to have Dhiraagu as our Digital Partner. Dhiraagu has always been a collaborative  partner in various initiatives by MAHRP and having Dhiraagu’s support as a digital partner will help our event participants to stay digitally connected and share their learnings not just with the  conference participants but to everyone else,” stated Hussain Afeef, President of MAHRP 

“It is a pleasure to be the Digital Partner for National HR Convention & Expo 2022 and support  MAHRP with their mission to advance the HR profession by promoting the essential values, setting  professional standards and providing the know-how,” stated Mohamed Mirshan Hassan, Senior Manager Brand and Marketing Communications at Dhiraagu.  

Both international and local experts joining the expo will highlight topics from organizational transformation, leadership and excellence, wellness and wellbeing at Workplace, learning culture, leadership and HR skills for a post-pandemic world of work. In addition to the learning opportunities  from World Class Speakers, this convention will also showcase various HR solution providers and  their services as parallel session during the convention.  

Dhiraagu is committed to provide digital assistance and connectivity throughout the expo and extended support MAHRP to develop human recourses across the nation.

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