Dhiraagu Supports the “Back to School” Programme by MOMS NGO

As part of Dhiraagu’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts to support the community, Dhiraagu has partnered with MOMS NGO and support their “Back to School 2022” programme which provided school essentials for children from some of the most vulnerable families in the society.

The school essential packs included shoes, socks and uniform sets for some of the families registered in the NGO’s care list, who have been facing hardships in preparing their children for school as the new academic year begins.

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Back to School 2022 is additionally supported by various individual donors and this year, MOMS NGO has distributed 134 care packages so far across Maldives to families in need. The NGO provides support and assistance to some of the most vulnerable families with school children, including mothers who are widowed and single mothers with no family support.

Dhiraagu continues to provide programme-based assistance in the area of supporting children and empowering communities.

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