Dhiraagu to distribute their dividends

Photo: Avas

Dhiraagu has planned to distribute their dividends at MVR 11.81 per share. The decision has been agreed by the company’s board for their next Annual General Meeting.

The company has decided to distribute a total of MVR 897.6 million, which was their net profit in 2017.

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The company had distributed a total of MVR 453 million as interim dividend on 2017 – MVR 5.96 per share – and for the year-end dividend at MVR 445 million, which was MVR 5.85 per share.

Dhiraagu stated that their final dividend will be payable to all shareholders listed in the Company’s register on the book closure date announced for the next AGM.

The company had distributed a progressive dividend among the company’s shareholders in 2017.

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