Dhiraagu together with Arcils launches ‘Thakuru Wars’, the first local online multiplayer game

Dhiraagu together with Arcils, a local game developer launches the first local multiplier online game in the Maldives.

This game will be the first of its kind in the local market which is inspired by the Maldivian history and cultural artefacts. Thakuru Wars is an online multiplayer battle arena game based on traditionally themed Maldivian characters and settings.

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The game is packed with various elements such as humorous weapons and special powers for each character. Gamers will be able to choose 5 powerful Maldivian characters that can be customized to the players taste and continue to battle with their friends using special powers and traditional weapons. Daily fights develop character knowledge that can be used to beat other players to get on the country’s ranking system.

“At a time where we are keeping physical distancing while socially connected, we hope this will serve as not only an entertainment source, but also a platform to connect with your friends and loved ones. We are continuously looking for innovative solutions to keep our community connected.” stated Ahmed Shinau Abdul Gadir, Manager, Business Development at Dhiraagu.

“Our vision from the start of our company had been to devise a new industry in the Maldives, with our passion for game development, this dream of ours had once seen dubious in the face of probability but now is a reality. Dhiraagu has been the kindest companion on our journey with unwavering support and expertise. Working together as partners have been a great pleasure.” stated Hussain Shafiu, Managing Director of Arcils.

It gives us the immense pleasure to be supporting local developers while we continue to enhance the experience of our gamming community through a collaborative effort.

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