Dhiraagu Welcomes the 12th Batch of Apprentices

Dhiraagu welcomes the 12th Batch of Dhiraagu Apprenticeship Program where 14 apprentices have been  enrolled in this year’s intake.  

Dhiraagu Apprenticeship Program is one of the key CSR initiatives conducted by Dhiraagu to empower youth.  The objective of this program is to develop youth through a structured educational training program, enhance  work skills and familiarizing them to the corporate working environment.  

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The opportunity to participate in the program this year was open in Male’, Seenu, Thinadhoo, Ari  and Eydhafushi Operation Centres of Dhiraagu. Maldivian youth between the ages of 18-30, with an A ‘level  qualification and above who have not been employed in a full-time job were eligible to participate in this  program.  

During the orientation week, all apprentices were given an introduction on organisations basics, brand  orientation & CSR, code of ethics, digital transformation, health and safety awareness session among others.  Dhiraagu’s CEO and Managing Direction Mr Ismail Rasheed joined the induction session today to welcome  the new apprentices. During his remarks, he stated “I hope you would gain valuable skills and that it would be  a stepping stone to a promising career for you. It has been our pleasure to see many graduates of the  programme successfully take on key employment positions in Dhiraagu and other organizations across the  country or choose to run their own businesses” 

The 14 apprentices who were selected in this year’s program will get the opportunity to participate, gain  experience and training in various fields in Dhiraagu such as Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Finance,  Networks, Business Solutions and Information Systems.  

The company has been conducting Dhiraagu Apprenticeship Program consecutively for 12 years. Since 2009,  over 214 apprentices have enrolled in the program while some of them are serving in high ranked posts  in Dhiraagu, in other various corporate entities. 

During the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the company had a special focus to continue the  program virtually. Trainings were conducted by in-house staff specialists on soft skills development, remote  working and essential knowledge in areas such as time management, personal management, project  planning, presentation skills, and more. Through this program, Dhiraagu continues to enrich the lives of the  youth and develop future leaders.

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