DhiraaguTV Now Available in GDh. Rathafandhoo!

Dhiraagu has officially launched DhiraaguTV service to Gdh.Rathafandhoo.  

The service was launched with a special promotion for residents of GDh. Rathafandhoo allowing existing Dhiraagu customers to enjoy FREE connection and FREE Joybox (set-up-box). Customers can easily apply for DhiraaguTV services conveniently through Dhiraagu MyAccount. 

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Now is the perfect time to apply to DhiraaguTV to enjoy high-quality and best entertainment bundles available. A diverse channel portfolio is curated for all ages and audiences that includes the world-famous Disney bouquet of channels, Sony Sports channels, Discovery Channels, STAR channels for all the Masala entertainment, all your favourite local and international News Channels, Al Quruan Al Kareem and more  religious channels to highlight a few. As a result of continued investment in expansion, DhiraaguTV has now extended digital IPTV service to 82% of national households. 

DhiraaguTV brings quality entertainment using the best of technology to the Maldivian community and  promises it will remain as one of the key priorities of the company. 

For more information about DhiraaguTV, please visit: https://bit.ly/3sTbwiM

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