Dhivehi Insurance Celebrates 5 Years of Service

Dhivehi Insurance, a leading insurance company in the Maldives, has celebrated 5 years of service today.

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In a statement by the Managing Director of Dhivehi Insurance, Ahmed Ameel, he thanked the staff, shareholders, and directors for their valuable contributions and support in heralding the success of the company.

“Dhivehi Insurance Company’s journey has been entwined with our yesterday, today and tomorrow, our challenges and what we all envision Dhivehi Insurance to be,” he stated.

Dhivehi Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in the Maldives, offering competitive terms whilst delivering a consistent, fair and equitable approach to all its customers.

With insurance services ranging from construction, travel, motor, home, fire incidents, marine cargo, marine hull, and many more, Dhivehi Insurance will help you make superior choices in coverage at both the individual and portfolio levels.

For more information, visit http://dhivehiinsurance.com/

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