Discover Dhiraagu’s Top Business Solutions

Dhiraagu has continued to bring innovative business solutions to its customers. The expansion of a comprehensive product portfolio and collaborative partnerships are a true testament to Dhiraagu’s commitment to enriching lives of enterprises, small and medium businesses through digital services.

Biz Fibre Broadband Packages with More Data and Fastest Speeds

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Dhiraagu announced a major revamp on its Biz Fibre Broadband packages offering business customers more data, and fastest broadband speeds for the same price. The company’s existing business customers will not have to spend anything extra to enjoy an additional 40% to 100% of extra data and experience better speeds than ever before. In order to help business customers to increase productivity, efficiency, and achieve business growth Dhiraagu is also offering a one-year FREE Virtual Meeting Room service for customers who are on Biz Fibre Basic 10M package and above effective 1 September 2020.

Contactless Thermal Mass Screening solution

Dhiraagu, in partnership with TM Research & Development (TM R&D), innovation arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), introduced their Artificial Intelligence-Powered Thermal Mass Screening Solution called Early Warning, Alert & Response (EWAR) to businesses in the Maldives. Dhiraagu introduced two of TM R&D’s latest solutions; EWAR Crowd and EWAR Compact. EWAR crowd is designed to conduct a rapid body temperature screening of approximately 10-15 individuals per second simultaneously while EWAR Compact is more suitable for a one-on-one contactless thermal screening which will eliminate the need for the hand-held temperature taking that can subsequently improve social distancing.

WooHoo’ – cutting-edge Voice Assistant technology for Hospitality Industry

Dhiraagu together with SmartBeings Inc. and Leia Inc to introduce WooHoo, a contactless Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered voice assistant for the Hospitality industry. WooHoo is integrated with more than 40+ Hospitality solutions like property management systems, in-room automation, housekeeping, point of sales systems, PBX etc, With WooHoo technologies integrated together with Dhiraagu smart hospitality solutions, hotel guests can now order food & beverages, toiletries, play music, get instant answers to their queries, call reception and control room temperature, lighting, or curtains, among other many interactions through a simple voice command.

Magey Memo

Dhiraagu has officially launched Magey Memo, a WebApp and a cloud-based software that can be used to manage doctor’s scheduled and appointments. It is a fully functional doctor and outpatient management system equipment with real-time reporting, booking and monitoring dashboard. With Aasandha integrated into the system, clinics will be relieved from multiple entry into different platforms for Aasandha claim. All fees and deductions will be calculated before processing the payment, allowing an efficient transaction.

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