Does CSR for small companies matter?

Picture: Regional Alliance for Fostering Youth - RAFY

As the world labour market is a compilation of Millennial workers, organisations encounter significant challenges in employee retention. In 2025, it is projected the Millenial workforce will reach  75% of the global workforce, and nearly 8 in 10 Millennials consider CSR when deciding where to work. Following are some key findings according to Lisa Wirthman.

Build a strong and simple foundation:

308 Plastic Bottles from Maldives to Real Madrid
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Small or big, a company can align its products and services with CSR initiative. It helps a company to bind its philosophy in a meaningful manner. For instance, partnering with local nonprofit organisations that supports an organisation’s vision and mission.

Determine CSR goals:

Dhiraagu pledges to establish an outdoor playground for Maldives Autism Association

Ask the employees what they care about the most. This helps to determine what they value in a society. A CSR initiative simply need not be costly. For instance, organizing a ‘Volunteer Day’ where employees choose to clean Male’ City. The event can be organised in the weekend and families may contribute. This will, therefore, entail a more cohesive relationship between employee and organisation.

Monitor organisation’s CSR initiative:

BML Annual Staff Charity Run 2018

It is crucial to monitor the success of CSR initiative. For instance, if the initiative is to clean Male’ City, track how many roads and how much waste has been collected. A greater CSR purpose should fulfill a dream and not just mere involvement in a project; thus, benefiting a society as a whole.

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