Domestic Electricity Consumption to Increase with Confinement

The government has imposed a 14-day lockdown amid the community spread of COVID-19 in the Greater Male’ area. Consequently, there is a surge in the consumption rates of electricity. The government will be subsidizing 40% of the April and May month’s electricity bills.

STELCO assures to maintain the connection of electricity during the lockdown. As the company has arranged the accommodation of the limited number of staff in the company to cater any unexpected interruption to the connectivity.

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However, many people in Male’ are struggling during the lockdown due to loss of source of income. The state has also provided those temporary shelter to a group of people who were evicted from their house as they failed to pay the rents. Hence, lowering the electricity charges during this time will help many people to pay their rents and to meet ends.

The first source of vulnerability is affordability. People in professions such as taxi drivers and laborers in restaurants, gyms, and salons are facing temporary halt in their income. Even with the subsidized electricity bills an increase in consumption will result in higher electricity bills.

Hence, if the government can reduce the electricity charges temporarily in accordance with the prices of oil in the global market, many residences of Male’ will be able to survive in the city with higher rent.

The best way to reduce the electricity bills is to reduce the usage of electricity during this time. STELCO urges the residence of Male’ city to economize the usage of electricity during this time.

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