Dr. Muizzu Wins 2023 Maldivian Presidential Runoff

Dr. Mohamed Muizzu of the People’s National Congress (PNC) has emerged as the victor in the 2023 presidential election, as per preliminary results released by the Elections Commission of Maldives (ECM).

According to ECM’s results, Dr. Muizzu secured 54.04% of the votes, placing him in the lead position. Incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, representing the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), trailed with 45.96%. These figures are based on the latest count of all 586 vote boxes.

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During the first round of the presidential election on September 9, Dr. Muizzu emerged as the frontrunner with a substantial 46.06% of the vote, while President Solih garnered 39.05%, solidifying their positions as the primary contenders for the runoff.

The election witnessed a total of 282,804 eligible voters participating in the runoff, marking an 86 per cent voter turnout. This turnout represents a notable increase from the 79 per cent recorded during the initial round of voting. However, it still constitutes the lowest voter turnout in a presidential election.

President-elect Dr Mohamed Muizzu paid a courtesy visit to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih at his office around 03:00 pm, yesterday.

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