Economic Minister Calls for Increased Foreign Investment in Maldives 

Minister of Economic Development and Trade Mohamed Saeed has called for international investment in the sustainable development of the Maldives, emphasizing the significance of modern thinking, technology, and financial resources for the nation’s fragile ecosystem.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Saudi Arabia, Minister Saeed underscored the imperative role of technology and investment in fostering the Maldives’ development trajectory. He particularly highlighted the essence of sustainable development in safeguarding the Maldives’ vulnerable natural landscape.

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“Sustainable development involves harnessing innovative ideas, financial resources, and advanced technology to propel growth, rather than merely cherishing the scenic beauty of naturally fragile countries like the Maldives,” Minister Saeed stated.

Following the forum, Minister Saeed told local news outlet Mihaaru that there has been growing interest in President Mohamed Muizzu’s developmental agenda, garnering considerable enthusiasm from foreign investors.

The minister attributed the government’s strong backing in recent parliamentary elections as a testament to investors’ confidence in the Maldives, which has catalyzed support from financial institutions and stakeholders alike.

As confirmed by the Foreign Ministry, Minister Saeed accompanied Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer to the forum. The two engaged in discussions on energy cooperation with over 800 officials from various nations.

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