Economic Ministry Assumes Control of Night Market Permits

The responsibility for granting permission to hold night markets has shifted from city and island councils to the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Previously, these local councils were in charge of granting such permissions.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has taken over the authority to grant permission for night markets, this change has resulted from amending the regulations that govern the issuance of permits for fairs, night markets, or street markets. The amendment incorporates six new aspects or criteria that applicants must consider during the permit application process.

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In addition to transferring the permit issuance authority to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a new online application form will be introduced for individuals or organisations to request permissions to hold night markets.

According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs policy, they must notify the applicant of their decision within five days of receiving the permission application.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has the authority to withhold the issuance of permits or revoke previously granted permissions in cases where the applicant or permit holder fails to adhere to the regulations specified in the market holding policy or violates any of the established norms.

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