Economic Ministry To Push Selling Authentic Maldivian Products In Resorts

Economic Ministry has announced that they want to focus on selling authentic Maldivian products in resorts during the inauguration of Fannu Expo 2019 on 16th September.

Speaking at the “Fannu Expo” organized by the Ministry of Economic Development, Minister Fayyaz Ismail highlighted that the ministry wants to pace the way for local producers and provide them opportunities to sell their products in resort souvenir shops. He further added that the ministry along with the business council is working to deploy a special logo to represent the authenticity of Maldivian products.

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Fannu Expo is a National level exhibition organized by the Ministry of Economic Development to promote the creative arts & craftsmanship works of the Maldives. The expo is set to be held on 22nd to 28th November 2019 at Dharubaaruge, Kalaafaanu school and Children’s park.

His Excellency Vice President Faisal Naseem Inaugurated Fannu expo 2019.

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