Education as a Matter of National Security

Written by: Fathimath Hamdha Mohamed

A country gains its ability to protect, progress, and harmonize its actions in compliance with the sector-specialized people in its society. In this era of global competition, every country is in the fight for progress. This advancement is namely achieved by the level of educational attainment of a country, which can further be simplified to the proportion of the workforce of a country in accordance with the postsecondary-credentials. Education has without a doubt, come to pervade every aspect of our lives. The converged view of education in pertainymy to national security weighs towards the formerly mentioned area. Education! From my standpoint, the financial budget for the education sector should be heavier than the budget for national security, and my choice is placed after a careful consideration of the below-mentioned reasons.

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One of the main reasons which may win the major support of the topic is, the fact that the government involves learned behavior. The structure of a government and its working mechanism is extremely complex. For a country to acquire a strategic system of national security, it requires ensuring the protection of the state’s fundamentals and needs. This is taken from protecting lives, maintaining sovereignty, and its values (Skaggs, n.d.). Citizens are not hard-wired genetically. A complex structure requires complex education and learned behavior. It will be hard for us to imagine a city without relevant credentials and experience ruling a strategic system. Hence, working mechanisms need to be taught and learned, and this comes with proper education.

The second noteworthy point is, the evident responsibilities carried by a nation in educating its citizens. Given any sector, requirements are mutual when it comes to educating the public in the ongoing and outgoing affairs to or from the country. It is obligatory for the government authorities and other protective forces to make explanations on what they execute, the operations carried out and its consequences to the individuals of the society considering it their utmost priority (Skaggs, n.d.). At this point, even the organizations, administrations and authorities have to become teachers of their specialized fields, which brings us to a common point – Education.

Another cruciality of education comes with the expectations of society. Education without a doubt is the critical predictor of economic strength. The policymakers and community as a whole always had higher expectations from educated personnel. Especially from those who are in higher education and from those with postsecondary credentials. This will in turn result in better communication, useful negotiations, and wise decisions. Developing an understanding through education is the key to problem-solving. When this becomes a basic necessity, it is convincing that more money should be invested in the educational field to build a better nation, as a country with an underperformed educational system would reflect a major decline in progress.

The future of a country truly depends on how well the education system prepares its citizens to deal with the practical working environment while protecting and serving the nation. The factually possible way to compete in a new global era is to gain knowledge and to nurture one’s self. As education is the essential cornerstone for what our reality revolves around and as it is what drives the induvial curiosity and nature, upon contemplating on the above-discussed reasons, if we are to minimize our losses and to maximize our gains; it should not be challenging for us to realize more money should be invested in education than in national security.

Note to reader: This is a persuasive essay written to persuade the importance of education.

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