eFaas Mobile App Gains Over 50,000 Users Within First Three Months

Within three months following the launch of the digital identity system, eFaas, 52,432 users have begun to utilise it, The eFaas mobile application, released to the public on 31 May 2023, has been tapped into 198,841 times through 49 distinct portals.

Among the most frequented portals include the Housing Portal, the Ministry of Transport’s SIMS Portal, Maldives Islamic Bank, the Ministry of Economic Development’s Business Portal, Expat Online, Urbanco, Gov.MV Message, and the SME Finance Corporation.

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The purpose behind eFaas is to provide a streamlined and secure method for identifying service seekers online. Thanks to the recent introduction of eFaas Mobile, users can effortlessly scan QR codes to log into various online portals, bypassing the traditional username and password. This is executed through a digital national identity card represented within the app.

Already, over 68 portals and apps have integrated eFaas mobile’s “scan to log in” feature, providing an added layer of convenience and security. Within the span of these three months, users on mobile devices accessed 13 online portals using the “tap to login” feature, promising an uncomplicated and safe experience.

Most Popular Portals on eFaas Mobile (31 May – 31 August, 2023)

NumberPortalScan to log inTap to log inTotal log in
1Gedhoruverin Portal99360,82561,818
2Maldives Islamic Bank1,50240,74142,243
3Savaaree Information Management System92430,26731,191
4GOV.MV message12021,58021,700
5SDFC Customer Portal1348,3678,501
6IGMH Portal1788,3188,496
7Kiyeveni Portal106,1666,176
8Ooredoo Maldives464,8404,886
9Job Centre2532,8563,109
10Civil Service Network Online Portal1431,3321,475

The digital national identity card, embedded within eFaas Mobile, has expanded its reach to domestic flights and nationwide healthcare services. Now, it’s also a viable option for purchasing domestic flight tickets, check-ins, and security verifications. Additionally, the Aasandha services, covering hospitals and health centres, can now be availed by showcasing this digital identity card.

Presently, eFaas stands as a monumental digital identity system, trusted by over 170,000 individuals to access a whopping 500+ services via 68 government and state online portals. 

Since its inception in 2012, it has been utilised over 7.6 million times. The National Centre for Information Technology develops and maintains the eFaas platform.

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