eFaas Records 603,391 Logins in October

The Maldives’ National Digital Identity system, eFaas, has recorded 603,391 logins in the month of October.

eFaas offers a method for personal and online authentication, unlocking a realm of digital possibilities.

This spike in user engagement signifies a profound interest among the public in securing a digital future. The month also saw 18,143 new mobile app users and 13,001 fresh registrations, underlining a growing reliance on digital services.

Key portals accessed through eFaas during this period include Gedhoruverin, MIB, Xpat, SIMS, and Business Portal.

The recent introduction of eFaas Mobile has enabled users to effortlessly log into various online portals by scanning QR codes, eliminating the need for traditional username and password inputs. This innovation is facilitated through a digital national identity card embedded within the mobile application, ensuring a seamless and secure online experience for service seekers.

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