Electricity Capacity in AA. Thoddoo Increases by 57% Thanks to STELCO’s New Generator Set!

The STW600, a new generator set by State Electric Company (STELCO), which was sent to AA. Thoddoo to increase the island’s electricity capacity, was commissioned and put into use on Wednesday.

With this new generator set, Thoddoo’s electricity capacity has been increased from 1056kW to 1656kW, a whopping increase of 57 percent.

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These generators are built by STELCO engineers working at the ‘STEWO’ workshop, whom the Managing Director of STELCO, Mr. Hassan Mughnee has lauded as highly experienced and qualified for their roles.

He also stated that the generators built by STELCO are of the same quality as any other generator that can be bought from foreign countries and can be used for a long period of time.

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