US Embassy Colombo’s Political and Economic Specialist, Shaufa Saeed receives FSN Award

Political and economic specialist at Embassy Colombo, Shaufa Saeed has received Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs (SCA) “Foreign Service National of the Year” award for her “outstanding contributions to the United States government’s efforts to strengthen the U.S.-Maldives bilateral relationship.”

Listed among seven other FSN award winners, the individuals are recognized for their overwhelming dedication to their respective Missions. Not only do the winners possess the knowledge and skills to succeed, but their resilience, innovation, engagement, and bravery also pushes them into a category all their own.

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SCA released a statement congratulating Shaufa upon receiving the award and highlighted on her outstanding reporting and language skills which has assisted to strengthen the US-Maldives relationship.

“In the last year, Saeed’s ‘aggressive political and economic reporting tempo, and peerless support to almost a dozen high-level visits has helped capitalize on a new Maldivian administration.’ As one of the very few Dhivehi speakers in the U.S. government, Saeed is able to ‘quickly summarize speeches, press conferences, policy documents, and social media’ giving senior leadership an invaluable insight into the Maldives’ political environment. Her ‘exemplary day-to-day diplomacy, trip coordinator, and reporting’ allows the U.S. and the Maldives to ‘capitalize on this dynamic new phase of the bilateral relationship,’” State Magazine reveals.

Along with Shaufa, the following individuals were recognized and honored for their significant work:

  • Vanessa Velazquez | Global FSN of the Year | Embassy of Caracas
  • Renee-Carine Lartey | Director General’s Award for Excellence in Human Resources |U.S. Mission to Gabon and São Tomé and Príncipe
  • Songmeng Chea | FSN of the Year | Embassy Phnom Penh
  • Julius O. Norberts | FSN of the Year | Embassy Nairobi
  • Kimberley A. Wise | FSN of the Year | Embassy Madrid
  • Tamara X. Qumsieh | FSN of the Year | Embassy Jerusalem
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