Employment Approval for Expatriates Should be Issued Within 48 hours

Expatriates brought to Maldives for employment would receive their employment approval within 48 hours from 17th March 2019 onwards, announced Maldives Immigration.

The employment approval would be released to all expatriates upon completion of all necessary certificates required by the immigration. Any applicant with incomplete certificates would notified by the immigration. New employment approvals and renewal of employment approval due to the information changes would be given a period of 3 to 7 days to receive services from the Immigration.

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The reason for the change brought about in the issuing of the approval in is to provide a convenient service for expatriates, further resulting in the standardization of the services provided by Immigration.

All expatriate related issues such as issuing approvals, quotas and more
is to be passed on to the Ministry of Economic Development in the future according to Maldives Immigration.

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