Enjoy More Data, Better Speed at no extra cost with Dhiraagu’s New Home Fibre Broadband!

Dhiraagu has announced a major revamp on its Home Fibre Broadband packages allowing customers to enjoy more data and faster broadband speed for the same price.

The changes to the packages are announced at a time where the digital world is reshaping the way we live drastically. We have observed that our customers’ usage behavior has been constantly changing in order to adapt to the evolving technological advancement and to stay connected. To support these changes and bridge the digital divide, we are excited to offer better and improved packages to cater to the growing needs of our customers.

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With these new upgraded packages, customers will not have to spend anything extra to enjoy additional 20% to 65% of extra data and experience better speeds than ever before. The extra data and speeds allocated will depend on the packages. All Home Fibre Broadband package upgrades will be fully implemented by first week of August 2020.

“This revamp is part of our continued commitment to connect our customers across the nation to all the opportunities of a digital world to learn, work or play from home through affordable and high-speed home fibre internet.  With this new revamp our customers can enjoy a price reduction on their internet data spending between 20% to 40%, making our Home Fibre Broadband plans the best offer available in the market” stated Mahmoud Dasser, Chief Marketing Officer at Dhiraagu.

Majority of households can immediately enjoy the higher speeds of our new Home
Fibre Broadband packages. In the meantime, we have scheduled network capacity upgrades in 16 islands for customers in those islands to have the similar high-speed experience we are offering. For more details, please visit: https://www.dhiraagu.com.mv/m/Home_Broadband_Package_Checker.aspx

Dhiraagu high-speed Home Fibre Broadband service is now available to 76% of national households making lives easier, smarter and more rewards.  We provide unparalleled experience to communities in 61 islands across the country making it by far the largest and fastest fibre network in the country.

Dhiraagu continues to play a pivotal role in enriching lives and accelerate the digital transformation journey of the customers

For more information, please visit https://www.dhiraagu.com.mv/Dhiraagu_Fibre_Broadband.aspx

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