Ensis announces plans for residential apartments and puts them up for sale

Photo Credirs; Avas

Ensis has been given the green signal and are putting up their residential apartments for sale. Aptly named Aira, on of their “largest” selling points is the fact that the neighborhood would house the Maldives’ largest swimming pool in a condominium residency.

The company is one of the largest investors in the fisheries  industry in the country and this is their first dive into the real estate business. The apartment complex will have a total of 94 flats with the latest modern finish.

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This project has been dubbed “Aira – Exceptional Living”, and was unveiled at a function where the Toursim Minister Moosa Zameer stated that the company is very well organised and is more than capable in carrying out such a huge project. He also added that the it is because of such companies like Ensis that we see a steady growth in the economy and all companies should follow by this example and become more diverse.

Ensis have made a separate area to showcase what the apartment complex would look like and give information to potential buyers. they have also established a counter where interested parties can get themselves registered to buy an apartment.

The company was formed in 1996 and have been specialized in the fisheries industry but however they have diversified and now run an insurance company called Dhivehi Insurance and with Aira inbound they have extended themselves into real estate as well.



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