Entrepreneurs Symposium Begins on 26th February 2019

The Business Convention held by Economic Ministry has started on 26th February 2019 and is set to last till 27th February 2019 at Dharubaaruge.

The convention in mainly based on the difficulties faced by businessmen and the expansion of all sorts of businesses in Maldives. Hence businessmen can express their views and ideas at the convention, stated the Minister of Economic Development Mr. Fayyaz.

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The event had fewer participants than expected. However, Mr. Fayyaz hopes that the decisions made at the convention will make a good difference for the businesses. Some of the participants of the convention include locals from the rural area of Maldives as well as participants from councils by virtual campus technologies.

The agenda is set to have networking sessions for businessmen, presentations and group discussion. Small and middle-class business information will also be provided as well as business, technology, and ICT department opportunities. A special presentation on the difficulties for the importation of food products would be held at the convention. In addition, a presentation for taxation difficulties along with a special presentation in regards to the economy and laborers is also planned to be held in the convention.

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