Environment Ministry and CROSSROADS Maldives Ink MoU for Marine Conservation

The Ministry of Climate Change, Environment and Energy has partnered with CROSSROADS Maldives. The collaboration was formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 11th December 2023.

The MoU underscores a shared commitment to conduct awareness programs, facilitate knowledge sharing, and foster capacity-building development. A significant focus of this partnership is to support the recognition and implementation of Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures (OECMs), in line with established guidelines.

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A cornerstone of this initiative is the Marine Discovery program, a pilot project aimed at raising awareness about coral restoration and the rich biodiversity of the Maldives. The program marks an important step in educating and engaging the public, particularly the younger generation, about environmental conservation. In a recent event marking the start of this program, 20 students visited the Maldives Discovery Centre and Marine Discovery Centre at CROSSROADS Maldives, where they were informed about coral restoration, local biodiversity, and Maldivian culture.

Deputy Minister Hassaan Mohamed emphasized the critical role of public awareness in preserving biodiversity. “By understanding the delicate nature of our ecosystems and their threats, we empower ourselves to make informed decisions and take responsible actions,” he stated.

This collaboration is not just limited to awareness programs but extends to various demographic segments, from children to elders, fostering a community-wide understanding of environmental interaction and protection. The partners of this MoU are dedicated to maintaining the natural integrity of biodiversity-rich areas while benefiting the surrounding communities.

Mr. Michael Marshall, CEO of S Hotels and Resorts by Singha Estate, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “Our Commitment to sustainable practices is not only part of our ethos but also embedded in the heart of our operations. Today, as we ink this MoU with the Ministry of Climate Change, Environment and Energy, we reaffirm our dedication to supporting their vision through cooperation and coordination.”

The signing of this MoU is a testament to the Maldives’ commitment to environmental preservation. It marks a significant step towards delivering comprehensive information and bridging capacity gaps in conservation efforts. With its mission of “building big, protecting the small,” CROSSROADS Maldives stands as a beacon of sustainability, balancing the delicate relationship between our natural environment and the experiences it offers.

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