Everyone Makes Mistakes

By Guest Author: Hawwa Shaheena Mohamed

A mistake is an action or a decision that we come to regret. Mistakes usually cause some degree of pain, loss or struggle. We call an action a mistake when we don’t like the consequences of our choice. The irony is that these events, which we try so hard to avoid, might be precisely what we need to experience. It is these decisions that make us stronger and shape up our life towards the better.

Everyone makes mistakes in life, but that doesn’t mean we have to pay for the rest of our life. Sometimes good people make bad choices. It doesn’t mean the person is bad. It means they are human. A mistake is a proof of being a human. “To err is human” is a phrase we often hear. We must also realize that we should not keep making the same mistake over the years, saying that we are human. We commit unnecessary actions thinking they are good for us, but the moment we realize that it is just the opposite, there is in most cases another chance to correct it. We always have to figure out how to fix the situation we messed up.

Pictured: CEO of Career Vitamin International Pvt ltd Hawwa Shaheena Mohamed
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Recently I got an opportunity to conduct a webinar at Spendless Academy. I told my friends about the upcoming webinar and prepared myself for the event. On the day of the webinar, when I woke in the morning, I knew “today is my big day and it is scheduled for 5 pm.” However, after the morning chores, I forgot entirely about the event. I spend the afternoon and evening practising speaking skills in front of the camera. I wasn’t doing anything urgent or important. At 5.15 Mrs Leza Klenk messaged me saying that participants were waiting but I didn’t log in. A huge mistake from my side. No matter what I do to apologise, there is no way I can get back the moment, nor reverse back the loss of reputation it caused. However, I learned a lesson. I shouldn’t take anything for granted and leave without an alarm.

Some people avoid wonderful opportunities for the fear of making a mistake or failing. When we are afraid of making a mistake and stop doing important and necessary things, our life goes in a downward spiral. Fear of making a mistake impacts not only our personal relations but our jobs and careers as well. For example, the “mistakes” made in the workplace may result in financial loss or even termination. This undoubtedly causes upheaval and stress. But as surely as one door closes, another opens. The objective is not to stay mired in the loss, but to look for the new doors that are opening. They are always there if we learn to look for them.

The avoidance of pain and, at times, loss or sadness limits our experience. Our beliefs about mistakes and failure limit us from moving into a deeper and richer relationship with life. The fear of making such errors keeps us imprisoned in the very narrow comfort zone. Yet, these travails are necessary to propel us toward greater growth and awareness. It is the movement into the unknown that catalyzes our personal evolution.

The fear of making a mistake is absolutely imprisoning. A mistake is an event, the full benefit of which we have not come to realize. Who gets to be the judge of what constitutes a mistake? The concept of a mistake is tied to the larger notion of failure. Just as with the word “mistake,” I would say that there really is no such thing as “failure.” Let us imagine watching a toddler struggling to take their first steps, only to fall. How ridiculous would it be for us to signify that the child failed? The child simply hasn’t yet mastered the skill of walking. Success has not yet been reached. It is altogether human to struggle toward what we’re trying to achieve. To refer to this process as failure is very ruinous and self-defeating.

It is in our life’s purpose to be explorative and to expand. We always say that the sky is the limit. If we are excited about the new experiences and opportunities for growth, then we will be less likely to default to the concept of a mistake. When we find ourselves terrorized by thoughts of mistakes, we lose the opportunity to live more fully. There is never a single correct decision or pathway. Constructs such as mistakes and failure block us from the richer and more rewarding texture of life’s possibilities. Liberating ourselves from this fear enables our lives to unfold with greater purpose and expand our potential.

Life is beautiful and awesome. Enjoy it to the fullest. Take risks. Make mistakes. Whenever you feel that you need an ear to listen, I am your cheerleader. Smile!

Pictured: CEO of Career Vitamin International Pvt ltd Hawwa Shaheena Mohamed

About the Author: Hawwa Shaheena Mohamed is a Certified Executive, Team & Life Coach, Corporate, and a Living Value Education trainer. Currently, she is developing her business as the CEO of Career Vitamin International Pvt ltd and contributing to society through the Career Vitamin Society.

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