Exclusive Land Leasing for Tourism Now Available on Ha. Filladhoo Island

The government has announced the availability of a vast expanse of land on Ha. Filladhoo Island for lease, exclusively designated for tourism ventures. The application window to secure these prime tourism-focused lands in Filladhoo will remain open from the 28th of this month until the 4th of the following month.

Nestled as one of the Maldives’ largest islands in terms of land area, Filladhoo has strategically marked out separate land plots near Dhapparu, distinct from its residential zones. These allocated lands are purposefully reserved for tourism development, situated within the demarcated boundaries of the designated tourist village area, as outlined in the island’s comprehensive land use plan.

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Within the tourism-focused precinct of Filladhoo, an impressive assortment of 99 diverse land plots is now available, ranging from 5,000 acres to an expansive 115,000 acres, tailored to accommodate a wide spectrum of tourism-related endeavors. These land parcels will be categorised into three distinct zones, each catering to specific types of projects. The entry price per acre for these varied plot sizes is set at a competitive MVR 50 laaries.

The allocation process for these valuable land plots will be orchestrated through competitive pricing proposals, with a special emphasis on rewarding those who demonstrate a sustained commitment to the island’s growth. Prospective landholders should bear in mind that the minimum land usage tenure stands at six years. Furthermore, the allocation decisions will be influenced by the financial capacity of the applicants, ensuring a balanced and equitable distribution of opportunities.

This remarkable milestone marks a pivotal turning point for tourism in Filladhoo. The local community’s aspirations for such initiatives were previously hindered by the absence of essential infrastructure. However, the government has not only addressed these challenges but also implemented a reliable water and sewage system.

For more information, visit gazette.gov.

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