Extensive Destination Marketing a Necessity for Maldives Tourism – M U Maniku

Photo by Sun Media Group

Mr. Mohamed Umar Maniku, Chairman of Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI) has highlighted the importance of further efforts to promote Maldives tourism in the current competitive international market.

Speaking at MATI’s 27th Annual General Meeting, Mr. Maniku stated that while the number of tourists attracted to the Maldives has grown in the previous year, the returns have not grown. He emphasized the importance of destination marketing for Maldives tourism and called for improved advertising and more promotional efforts in order to be able to compete with strong contenders of the international market.

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Mr. Maniku also predicted that the improvements being brought to Velana International Airport and the construction of the China Maldives Friendship Bridge along with the developmental projects ongoing at Hulhumale’ will have a positive effect on the tourism industry.

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