F. Magoodhoo Designated as Industrial Zone for New Airport

The Maldivian government has officially designated F. Magoodhoo as an industrial zone to construct a new airport. This decision transfers administrative authority from the island council to the status of a distinct industrial island. The move follows a resolution from the President’s Office, implementing changes per the Decentralisation Act of the Maldives.

The ongoing land acquisition process for the airport project in Magoodhoo is in progress, with the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) handling the work. The cost for land reclamation in Magoodhoo exceeds MVR 206 million. The total land area to be acquired is 48 hectares, with 30.8 hectares allocated for airport construction and 17 hectares for various industrial and social purposes.

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The development project also protects over 3,300 square metres of land. The government has stated that the airport development will be transferred to a buyer upon completion of the land acquisition process.

Initially, the airport was planned to have a 1,200-metre runway, but this has been updated to an extended 1,800-metre runway. The government has noted that the airport in Magoodhoo, one of the few atolls in the Maldives without an airport, will feature a fuel farm to support aircraft operations.

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