Famous Footballer ‘Dhagandey’ new Hitachi Brand Ambassador

Photo by Avas

STO Home Improvement has announced that famous Maldivian football star Ali ‘Dhagandey’ Ashfaq has been selected as the new brand ambassador for Hitachi products.

According to STO, Ali Ashfaq was ideal as the ambassador for one of STO’s most popular brands due to his monumental track record at continuously bringing success and pride to the Maldivian people through his talent and sportsmanship.

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Hitachi is currently the brand that offers the longest warranty period in the Maldives, with STO offering 18 months of full replacement guarantee and five years’ compressor warranty on Hitachi Air Conditioners and Refrigerators. STO has stated that Hitachi ACs currently holds over 20% market share and Hitachi refrigerators holds over 60% of the market share in Maldives currently.

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