Fasmeeru Adds Another Delicacy to it’s ‘Hot Pack’ Edition

Fasmeeru announced the introduction of another delicacy canned tuna to its ‘hot pack’ edition.

According to Fasmeeru, the new canned tuna introduced contains hot chili in oil. While this new canned tuna is mainly composed of ‘Githeyo Mirus’ (Hot Chilie), previously introduced cans of the hot pack edition contained ‘Hiki Mirus’ (Dried hot chili) and ‘Asaimirus'(Black pepper). Fasmeeru highlights that these two delicacies of the brand popular and in high demand within the country.

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Fasmeeru states in order to maintain the quality of its products, the ingredients required for the manufacture of tuna cans are carefully handpicked after proper exploration of the ingredients.

The hot chili tuna can be introduced, will have been manufactured with the best available chilies, stated Fasmeeru. The hot pack in whole, can be used to prepare dishes such as salads, noodles, and sandwiches instantly with a Maldivian taste.

According to Fasmeeru, these items are the most affordable of all tuna can brands available in the Maldives. Fasmeeru states that ‘hot pack’ will be available for both wholesale and retail customers at the three shops of MIFCO, site shops, and ice plants.

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