February Tourist Arrivals Up by 7.6%

Photo by Avas: Minister of Tourism, Mr. Moosa Zameer

The Ministry of Tourism has released statistics for February 2017, revealing increased arrivals by 7.6% and an overall positive increase for the entire market.

According to the statistics, a total of 246,399 tourists visited Maldives in February 2017, higher than the 229,035 from the previous year. The numbers were dominated by European visitors, which totaled 131,760; a 13.5% increase from last year. The number of tourists from Asia in this year was 95,626.

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Looking at the separate markets, the main countries Maldives received the majority of visitors from was from Italy, India, Russia and America. Italian tourist numbers grew by 28.8%, while Indian visitors increased by 23% and Russians by 40.3%. Visitors from America also showed a notable increase of 19.4%. While these numbers grew, there was also a noticeable dip in the German, Chinese, Swiss and Japanese arrival numbers.

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