Fenaka to build nationwide submarine cable network in 2020

Fenaka Corporation has announced plans to establish a nationwide submarine cable network in 2020.

The project was revealed by the Managing Director of Fenaka Corporation, Ahmed Saeed at the ‘Engineering Symposium’ organized by the utilities company on Sunday.

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Saeed highlighted that the submarine cable network would be the largest project undertaken by Fenaka. “Even though establishing the submarine cable network would considerably increase the capital investment somewhat; our main target is to link all the islands of Maldives with a single network,” he said.

“In addition to this, Fenaka is gearing up to improve its services in the coming year, with the introduction of online bill payments, repairing and renewing power, water, and sewerage systems in the islands.”

Saeed said that Fenaka plans to provide power generated from renewable energy sources up to 70 percent of the nation. Similarly, State Electric Company (STELCO) is also working to convert 50 percent of its power output to renewable energy.

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