Fertility Support Community Officially Registered as NGO

Fertility Support Community was registered as an official Non-Governmental Organisation in the Maldives on Thursday.

Fertility Support Community is the first peer-to-peer support group in the country. The organization aims to protect the rights of individuals facing fertility issues by providing accurate information, conducting awareness programs, and arranging peer-to-peer support group sessions.

Co-founder Asha Hussain disclosed the NGO’s decision to compile information to estimate the prevalence of fertility issues in the Maldives, present the findings to policymakers, and fundraise to support those seeking fertility treatments abroad.

Asha also highlighted that the NGO aims to work closely with government authorities, including Aasandha, to find ways to help ease the burden for couples who are going through infertility challenges.

Additionally, the community also hosted several activities prior to registration as an NGO. Co-founder Asha Hassan revealed that more than 100 Maldivians registered via social media for numerous events held regarding fertility problems.

The NGO addresses infertility, planning for assisted reproductive treatments, and concerns around the increasing rate of infertility in the country, similar to other parts of the world, due to health complications, diet, and additional factors.

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