Finance Minister to be Questioned on Available Balance in State Reserve for Essential Commodities

On Tuesday, an inquiry was submitted to the People’s Majlis for Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer, about the available balance in the state reserve for the purchase of essential commodities at the end of July.

Deputy Speaker of the People’s Majlis, North Galolhu MP Eva Abdulla has requested to clarify whether the balance remaining in state reserve at the end of next month would be enough to purchase basic necessities such as staple foods, oil and medicine.

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In MP Eva’s query, she emphasized that the usable balance in the state reserve at the start of this month was USD 317 million. Stating that over USD 130 million would need to be spent this month and next month to repay loans, she said that the deficit budgeted for these two months is USD 150 million.

MP Eva is requesting a written response from Finance Minister Ameer for her inquiry.

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