Finance Ministry Announces State Internal Audit Conference 2024 For July

The Ministry of Finance has officially announced the State Internal Audit Conference 2024. As disclosed in a tweet earlier today, the conference is scheduled to take place from July 3rd to 4th, 2024.

Preparations for the upcoming event have been underway since yesterday’s press release confirmed planning efforts have begun. The ministry said the State Internal Audit Committee has been actively engaging with key ministries over the past weeks, to ensure comprehensive participation and fruitful collaboration.

These included consultations with governmental bodies such as the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Sports, Fitness and Recreation, Local Government Authority, Ministry of Climate Change, Environment and Energy, Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure, and the Ministry of Higher Education, Labour and Skills Development. These discussions have been integral in shaping the agenda and ensuring broad representation at the conference, according to the ministry.

The inaugural State Internal Audit Conference was held last year under the theme, “Shifting the Mindset—Adding Value Through Internal Audit.”, highlighting the role of internal audit in fostering good governance and transparency. A key highlight of last year’s event was the launch of the Internal Audit Portal, an online platform designed to share audit recommendations across organisations.

Additionally, the Strategic Action Plan unveiled during the 2023 conference outlined ambitious goals to propel the committee’s initiatives forward in the years ahead. Expert-led panel discussions explored current trends, challenges, and strategic approaches within the field of internal audit, reinforcing its critical importance in enhancing organisational efficiency and accountability.

The forthcoming State Internal Audit Conference 2024 is anticipated to build upon these achievements, providing a vital platform for stakeholders to exchange insights, discuss best practices, and collectively advance governance standards nationwide.

Stakeholders are encouraged to monitor official announcements from the Ministry of Finance for further updates and detailed information regarding the State Internal Audit Conference 2024.

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