Finance Ministry Clarifies USD 7 Million Compensation in Fiscal Report

The Ministry of Finance has clarified the reported USD 7 million for compensation in the latest fiscal report. The ministry denies assertions that the current administration disbursed USD 7 million in compensation between November 17 and 30 following the change in government. 

While the weekly fiscal development report listed USD 7 million under compensation, the ministry clarified that no funds have been released or processed. The reported amount in the fiscal report is contingent on transactions posted to the public accounting system, particularly related to an international arbitration process.

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The ministry addressed decisions made by the current administration to compensate various entities from the state budget. It also highlighted the commitment to release funds associated with cases where the state received unfavourable judgments in international arbitration. The specified amounts in the report represent transactions recorded in the public accounting system, including disbursement scenarios such as instalment payments and partial settlements to specific parties.

Additionally, the ministry underscored the dissolution of the Settlement Committee after the assumption of office by the current administration. Cases previously within the committee’s jurisdiction are under review, guided by the input of the Attorney General. This clarification aims to comprehensively understand the fiscal landscape and the government’s stance on reported compensations.

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