Finance Ministry Imposes New Regulations on Government Procurement

The Finance Ministry has introduced new regulations aimed at strengthening the integrity of the government procurement process.

The regulations prohibit business transactions between government staff and individuals or entities with close links to them. This move aims to prevent conflicts of interest and ensure a fair and independent procurement system.

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Under the new regulations, government staff members must obtain written permission before engaging in any business transactions with specific individuals. These include senior finance and procurement personnel, executives involved in approving procurements, members of bid or evaluation committees, heads of finance, secretaries-general, and anyone else deemed to have a potential conflict of interest.

The regulations define “close links” as familial relationships (including spouses, children, siblings, parents, stepchildren, and in-laws), existing business partnerships with the bidding party, or if the staff member receives their salary from the bidding party.

The regulations completely bar permanent business transactions between government staff and those with close links. This is designed to eliminate the possibility of ongoing conflicts of interest within the procurement process.

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