Finance Ministry Offers MVR 4.2 Billion T-bills

In an effort to cover government expenses, the Finance Ministry has announced the sale of T-bills valued at MVR 4.2 billion. This includes MVR 2.2 billion in T-bills with a 28-day repayment period and MVR 263.4 million in T-bills with a 98-day repayment term. 

In addition, this includes MVR 69 million in T-bills with a 182-day repayment period and MVR 1.7 billion in T-bills with a 364-day repayment period.

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Interest rates on these T-bills range from 3.50% to 4.60%. 

Typically acquired by the pension fund, banks, government-owned companies, and some private firms, these short-term government securities are offered at a discounted price in the local currency, serving as a financial tool to manage government finances.

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