Finance Ministry Seeks Interested Parties to Supply 14 High-speed Vessels

The Finance Ministry is seeking parties to build and supply 14 high-speed vessels to establish a public ferry transportation system.

Upon request from the Planning Ministry, Finance Minister said they are seeking a party to build, test and deliver 14 high-speed vessels. Interested parties are required to submit their expression of interest with relevant documents and proof of their capability by 25th February. And only shortlisted parties can submit bids.

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Delivering a speech at the “Thiladhunamthi Iruvai Conference” held in Hdh. Kulhudhuffushi, Minister said that the establishment of a transportation system is considered one of the major projects of the government.

Minister Aslam said that as a pilot project, it has been planned to implement the transportation system in the three northernmost atolls of the Maldives. After six months of the implementation, an evaluation will be done to measure its success and to identify areas that need improvement. When the system is established, high-speed launches, each with the capacity to accommodate 30 people and can travel at least 30 nautical miles per hour will be providing service.

Planning Minister Aslam states that the plan of the project is developed.

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