First ever Maldives Accountants Forum commences in Hotel Jen Malé


Maldives Accountants Forum has commenced in Hotel Jen Malé on Monday, October 6. The first ever Accountants forum of its kind is hosted by Auditor General’s Office (AGO). This three-day forum will go on until 8th November and the two days of technical sessions will be held at AGO – Auditorium.

The chief guest of the event was Governor of Maldives Monetary Authority Mr Ahmed Naseer. In addition, Chair of professional accountancy development committee of IFAC Mr. Arujuna Herath, Mr. Nugawela CEO of Interbrand, CEO and MD of BML Mr Andrew Healy, Industry Expert Mr. Bandhu Ibrahim Saleem, Registrar of companies, Ms Mariyam Visam and other invited delegates including Professional Accountants and Practicing Auditors were in attendance at the event.

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In his opening speech, Auditor General Mr Hassan Ziyath spoke about some important factors regarding the Maldivian economy and financial sector.

“With the growth of our economy, the state revenue as well as expenditure have increased. Our real economy as well as the financial sector is growing. Growth leads to complexity. Complexity requires management and professional competency to avoid chaos and bring about structure and discipline.

This is the very reason why we have increased our efforts to develop the audit and accounting profession in the Maldives.” He said.

Then he went on to highlight the efforts made. “To support the profession, we have issued audit license for 45 locals as of today. We have put in place the regulatory setup for the issuance of audit licenses, observance of professional standards, ethical requirements and provide for the monitoring of the audit profession.

The Draft Act of establishing professional accountancy body in the Maldives has been completed and forwarded to the Attorney General. I wish, this much-awaited milestone in the history of our profession will be accomplished soon.

The Institute of Audit and Assurance (IAA) has been established at AGO to facilitate CPD and research that is needed for the profession.”

Additionally, he described the programmes that will be carried out through the 3 days. Mr Ziyath concluded his speech by thanking the partners and supporters of the event.

Maldives Accountants Forum is the national platform for all the professional auditors and accountants to discuss and deliberate on matters of mutual interest with the industry stakeholders and regulators so as to create a greater understanding and trust among the key stakeholders. The purpose of this forum is to promote accounting professionals and to gain industry confidence for their work while giving them the opportunity to share, learn, network and understand the emerging issues.

This forum is targeted for practising auditors, accountants in business, regulators, business community and academia. Participants will be given the opportunity to attend keynote sessions delivered by experienced and renowned speakers as well as the technical presentations and discussions from the experts.

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