First Lady unveils ‘In My Mind’ creative arts exhibition

First Lady Fazna Ahmed has inaugurated the art exhibition, ‘In My Mind’ on Tuesday.

The two-day exhibition hosted by IGMH’s Centre for Mental Health in collaboration with Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage, National Center for the Arts and Rotary Club of Male’, aims to increase awareness on Mental health issues and eliminate public stigma regarding Mental health through artistic expressions showing the beauty of minds.

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The art exhibition showcases a total of 143 artworks by individuals between the age range of 3-70 years old.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, First Lady Fazna Ahmed highlighted that the establishment of the Centre for Mental Health saw a clear rise in the number of people seeking treatment and that she believes that a comprehensive service with increased efficiency and resources is essential.

She further stated that enhanced treatment plans are imperative for the success of a comprehensive therapeutic programme.

Stressing on the importance of standardized service, the First Lady expressed her confidence in the growth of the service, stating that services must remain uninterrupted while ensuring continued availability of medicine and ease of access to therapists. She further noted her aim for well-established services, increased bed space at the wards and better facilities at hand.

The exhibit will be open for public viewing until Wednesday night at 22:00hrs, with a short break between from 18:00hrs to 20:00hrs.

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