First Resident Ambassador of UK to the Maldives Presents Credentials to President

First Resident Ambassador of UK to the Maldives has presented her Credentials to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih earlier today at a special ceremony held at the President’s Office.

His Excellency President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih accepted diplomatic credentials by Her Excellency Carol Rohsla, confirming her appointment as the first resident Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Republic of Maldives.

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The ceremony was followed by a brief courtesy call on the President by the new Ambassador, during which she expressed her keenness to build on the fruitful bilateral relations between the two nations, giving special regard to cooperating in such spheres as democratic consolidation, human rights and good governance in the Maldives.

She further commented on the large scope for expanding bilateral and multilateral cooperation on international issues, encompassing trade, environmental preservation, and tourism, among other areas of engagement.

The President, in turn, reciprocated her remarks, offering his congratulations to the new representative and expressing his confidence that she will perform ably in fulfilling her new duties.

Previously, the UK Ambassador to the Maldives had been non-resident and based in Colombo, the mandate being fulfilled by the UK High Commissioner to Sri Lanka.

The opening of a British Embassy based in the Maldives with a resident Ambassador in-house represents a significant upgrade in relations between the two countries and will facilitate greater levels of diplomatic engagement.

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