Fish Factory Project Shifts from Maadheli to Nilandhoo 

The Maldives Ministry of Fisheries has revealed that plans for a fish factory originally slated for Maadheli have been redirected to Nilandhoo.

The Ministry of Fisheries took to social media yesterday to confirm the relocation, stating that a senior delegation from the ministry had engaged in discussions with the Nilandhoo island council to secure land to construct the fish processing facility.

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Government officials have not disclosed the rationale behind the sudden shift, leaving room for conjecture within the public sphere. However, it coincides with the recent awarding of the construction contract to Dongfang Electric International Corporation, a state-owned entity from China tasked with erecting fish factories in three Maldivian islands, including Maadheli.

The Fisheries Ministry unveiled several projects, including the expansion of the Lh. Felivaru Fish Factory and plans for a fish factory and cold storage facility in Gdh. Fiyoaree island. 

Fisheries Minister Ahmed Shiyam had previously outlined an ambitious timeline for operationalising these facilities, expressing optimism that significant progress would be made within the next 18 months.

The proposed developments include a 100-tonne fish processing plant in Felivaru, estimated at $50 million, a 1500-tonne cold storage with a 50-tonne fish processing plant in Maadheli, with costs ranging between USD75 to USD100 million, and a 100-tonne fish processing plant accompanied by a 3,000-tonne cold storage in Gdh. Fiyoaree estimated it to be between USD50 – 75 million.

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